written by

Aila Holley

posted on

May 16, 2024

I’m guessing that you found us because you were looking for local, ethically raised, sustainable meat.  You want to know your farmers and where your food is coming from.  It is an honor for us to be that farm for you and your family.  

We know that sourcing your food from independent farmers takes a commitment.  Unlike a grocery store, we don’t have everything on your list.  We so appreciate that you make the effort to get your proteins from us!  We are adding a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) option to our farm.  We are looking to partner with you and 99 others as we move into the summer season.  We are limiting the membership in the CSA to ensure we can offer every CSA member the benefits. 

As a CSA member you will be first to receive restock notices on items that sell out quickly, like ground beef and chicken breast.  

We are offering 3 CSA levels and taking pre-orders on all poultry for the 2024 season.   Our goal is to make this addition benefit you and us, without making big changes to how you order and get your meat and eggs.

How it works:

Purchase one of our CSA levels from our website with the option to pay card, cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.  The amount will be credited to your account and then you order as you always have, the order amount is taken from the credit.  You don’t pay again until your balance has been depleted.

Benefits of becoming a CSA member:

You are becoming a partner within our farm.  You are making a meaningful and impactful investment in local and sustainable farming 

You get an upfront discount 

As a CSA farm member you will have access to order our limited products before we open ordering to all customers (beef and chicken cuts specifically)

1 free farm tour a year for you or to share with a friend -More about what we are doing with farm tours later this week 

Know that you have locked in high quality, pasture raised meats for the year 

CSA Levels-

Small- great for eggs only or if you only order on occasion $250 (for the price of $237.50)

Medium- $500 (for $475)

Large- $1000 (for $950) 

2024 Poultry pre-orders.  

Turkeys:  order your thanksgiving turkey now.  Full payment will be taken now, so all you need to do this fall is schedule your pickup or delivery of your turkey.   

Chickens:  We are offering pre-orders for chickens now with a discount if you order and pay in full by June 1.  Pre-order options for our 

Supreme Chicken Pack-8 chickens total-2 whole roasters and 6 worth of cuts.

Got to have It chicken pack: 52 whole roaster chickens- 1 for every week of the year 

Love It Chicken pack: 26 whole roaster chickens 

Like it Chicken Pack: 13 whole roaster chickens 

Simple Chicken Pack: 8 whole roaster chickens

You will be contacted when we have poultry processing dates scheduled and we’ll arrange a time for pick up or delivery as you are ready for the poultry.  We will locker (keep safely stored in our deep freezers) until you are ready for it.  So don’t worry about how you’ll store 52 chickens, we’ve got you covered.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the CSA options available.


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