CSA-Medium $500

CSA-Medium $500

Become a Farm Member

Join our farm family by becoming a member!  

Benefits of becoming a CSA member:

  • You are becoming a partner within our farm.  You are making a meaningful and impactful investment in local and sustainable farming 
  • You get an upfront discount 
  • You get first access to our limited quantity products-chicken cuts, ground beef and others that often sell out
  • As a CSA farm member you will have access to farm processed beef and pork when available 
  • 1 free farm tour a year for you or to share with a friend -More about what we are doing with farm tours later this week 

When  we started the farm in 2019, we looked to other leaders in pasture based, direct to consumer farms for ideas on how to sell meat.  Most of them were selling by the cut and allowing single orders.  We followed that model.  We wanted you to be able to buy what you wanted, when you wanted it.  Many of the smaller producers were mostly selling ‘bulk beef’ or pork based on hanging weight at the processor.  While that’s a great way for producers to sell their whole harvest quickly we found it to be confusing to the consumer.  So we wanted to offer meats in a way most of us are used to buying…by the package in meal sized portions.  

The challenge comes for us that we carry the financial responsibility for those animals for weeks, months and in the case of beef years before we are able to see a return.  On our scale it’s just not sustainable, so we are adding a CSA option.  We want to partner with you.  We know it’s important to you to have local food that you know how it’s being raised and it’s our dream to be able to continue to provide you with that.  We are offering 3 CSA levels and taking pre-orders on all poultry for the 2024 season.   Our goal is to make this addition benefit you and us, without making big changes to how you order and get your meat and eggs.

How it works:

Purchase one of our CSA levels from our website with the option to pay card, cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.  The amount will be credited to your account and then you order as you always have, the order amount is taken from the credit.  You don’t pay again until your balance has been depleted