A dream

It’s been a big week on the farm. We accomplished something we’ve been working toward for years. We have the WinniEggo and the turkeys following the cows! This has been the ultimate goal since we built the WinniEggo. We were finally able to align the pasture schedule, a watering plan and all the fencing to make it happen.

Wolves in Grand County

Wolves and livestock…I’m going to start off by saying like most things I fall pretty moderate on the topic. I rarely believe that an all or nothing approach to anything is the answer, everything has a cost and a reward.

The Future of Food

Do you feel overwhelmed shopping for food? So many labels and claims to sort through? *Natural *Hormone Free *Cage Free *Free Range *Grass-fed

The Tale of Two Chickens

This is a story of 2 chickens that hatched together but lead very different lives. The first chicken was sent off to a big city chicken farm and the other went to the country to a pasture based farm in the mountains.

What’s Up Wednesday

I'm starting a new blog/email called "What's Up Wednesday" where we'll share what's going on on the farm. This week we'll be moving the hens out the their summer campers The WinniEggos and they will start traveling the fields.