CSA-Chicken 52pk

CSA-Chicken 52pk

52 whole roasters

Order now to reserve your chickens for the year.  We use pre-orders to determine how many chickens we raise in a season.  Full payment will be made now, locking you in to the best price.  We will contact you closer to harvest to arrange pickup/delivery.  We will also 'locker' your chickens through the fall and winter so you can collect as you have the freezer space

Chicken for every week of the year

Our chickens are shipped to our farm as soon as they hatch. They spend the first weeks of their lives in a brooder that mimics a mother hen until they are fully feathered and ready to go out pasture.


They are then transferred to pasture pens that are moved daily to fresh grass. They get the benefits of being raised outside doing what chickens love to do! They are fed organic non-GMO feed. Our chickens finish at a final weight of 3.5-5.5 pounds. We on farm process these birds which cause them the least amount of stress and deliver the freshest product to you.



Organic feed, spring water, pasture grasses, plants bugs, worms and flies