Supreme Chicken Pack Pre-Order

Supreme Chicken Pack Pre-Order

8 Chickens-2 Whole, 6 in cuts

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Order now for summer 2024 delivery!  By placing an advanced order now you secure Supreme Chicken Packs.  Pick your estimated delivery date at check out. 

We get it, whole chickens are not always the most convenient. Sometimes you want to just toss some drumsticks on the grill or dice some breast for stir-fry. During busy weeknights it's so much easier to get a pack of thighs defrosted and cooked.  So we offer the Supreme Chicken Pack to give you the most options in organic-fed, pasture-raised chicken.

You will get: 

6 packs of breast


3 packs of thighs 


2 packs of drumsticks


2 packs of wings 


3 packs of backs (get for making stock or bone broth) 


2 whole chickens