Dirt Pork: Bundle

We have a bit of a dilemma on the farm. We can’t think of a name that best describes our pigs. The best we can come up with so far is “dirt pigs”.   I’m going to tell you a bit about how our pigs are raised, and maybe you can help us come up with a good name! Pigs love to root, because pigs love dirt. The pigs are fed hay, commercial feed, and scraps. OK, you know what hay and feed are. But you may be wondering, what are scraps? We get salad bar scraps from the local high school, spent brewers grains from a local brewery, and expired produce from local grocery stores. Some of our customers even bring us their veggie scraps and damaged eggs! Scraps make the pigs’ diet exciting, improves the environment, and adds some special flavor to the meat. Sisu Farms aims to raise animals naturally. We never give routine antibiotics or hormones. So, what do you think? What name best describes our pigs?