Ground and Sausage Bundle

Ground and Sausage Bundle

Our Ground and Sausage bundle will give you 40 pounds of ground meats and link sausage. The bundles won't always be the same and will vary based on availability. Each bundle will include a mix of the following:

10 pounds of link sausages and/or brats

30 pounds of ground meat including beef and pork with a verity of sausage flavors

This bundle is designed to give you a mix of meat at a discount and possibly introduce you to flavors you may not have tried before.

Our 40 pound bundles are packed in a single box and will take up about 1 shelf of freezer space

*Please note in your order if you have any allergies. The only product we have with a top 8 allergen is our Cheddar Jalapeño sausage which contains dairy.