Honey-Raw 22oz

Honey-Raw 22oz


We carry Tabernash Honey Company Honey.  They keep hives throughout Grand County including one of our pastures.  Here's some Information on their honey.


We get it. All of the hype surrounding “all-natural, organic, free-range, non-GMO, raw, gluten-free” eating can be a bit…much. One of the simplest human impulses - eating - has been commodified, gentrified, commercialized and capitalized.

At the Tabernash Honey Company, we keep it simple. We sell 100% raw honey, and that’s it.

Why should you care?

According to the US Pharmacopeia’s Food Fraud Database, honey is now the third-favorite food target for adulteration, behind milk and olive oil. In both domestic and foreign markets, honey-sellers are known to increase revenue by diluting product with cheaper things, like corn, rice and beet syrup. We believe you should know what you’re eating, and what you’re feeding your family.

What makes us different?Keeping bees in the High Rockies is a challenging pursuit. Bees thrive in environments with consistent warm weather and plentiful foliage to forage from. In Tabernash, it’s not uncommon for a summer snowstorm or frost to roll in and decimate the wildflowers. Why keep bees in such a volatile environment? With the lack of commercial farming comes a lack of commercial pesticides and other pollutants. This keeps our bees happy and our honey pure!

How do we do it?

It’s simple. We care for nearly 300 hives of Carniolan and Italian honey bees. This is a relatively small number of hives for a commercial beekeeping operation, and we like it that way. This allows us to give special attention to all of the bees in our care. In late summer, we collect the honey boxes that sit atop each hive and harvest the honey inside. If a hive has not produced enough to feed its bees throughout the winter, we do not take from that hive. Our honey extraction method features low-heat processing, preserving all of the natural pollens and antioxidants. .