What’s Up Wednesday

written by

Aila Holley

posted on

May 3, 2023

What’s up Wednesday!

Tonight is the last night both flocks of hens will be in the hoophouses.  Tomorrow at bedtime, for the hens not the farmers, we will move them into the WinniEggos for the summer.  This is a big family project.  We all go out.  Usually Farmhand 4 counts the birds so we have an accurate number, but he told me the other night that he wants to be a bird catcher this year.  We try to track everything though the year, but the moving into and out of the WinniEggo is always a good time do refresh the ‘inventory.’   

The hens will then spend 3 nights and 2 days in the camper.  This allows them to eat, lay an egg or two and really get acclimated to it being their home.  Starting on Sunday we will let them out on pasture and at sunset we’ll be out with them to encourage them all to go IN the WinniEggo for the night.  We want them inside for a few reasons, one it allows us to move them along the pasture with them all safely tucked in for the night.  Joel Salatin (one of the godfathers of the mobile chicken coops) clams if you move the coop without the hens in it, they won’t be able to find their way back to it that night.  I have not tested this and don’t plan to :). Second it allows them to roost together safe from wind, rain, snow and predators.  If all goes well, next Wednesday, after 3 nights of being with them at sunset they will all be trained to go in on their own and I’ll be writing next weeks What’s Up!

We are well stocked on eggs right now.  I ran into a childhood friend last weekend, who said to me “I keep meaning to order eggs, but forget when I’m at my computer.”  Somehow I missed sharing with her our Grab & Go options.  If you are used to ordering on-line, please don’t feel like you need to order and wait for packing if you need eggs right away.  Now that the temps are better the eggs are available in the Grab & Go fridge on the porch ALL the time.  Have extra kids over for breakfast?  Just swing by and grab some.  Need to make an omelette or cookies at 2am?  Come on by!  We want to make it convenient to get the highest quality eggs when YOU need them. There’s a cash jar on the yellow fridge, don’t feel funny about making change in it either.  We also have QR codes on the freezer for PayPal or Venmo.  Short a few $ when you pickup?  Catch us next time.  We don’t want you to skip your eggs from here just because you don’t have the right cash.

Of course you can always order here and we’ll pack them up for you.   Also please know if you ever need things sooner then the next pickup date, just call or shoot me a text 970-531-1778 and we’ll do our very best to get the order packed right up.

That’s your first Wednesday What’s Up from the farm!


What’s Up Wednesday


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