Farm Journal April 16, 2020

April 16, 2020

Farm Journal April 16 2020: 

I’ve been wanting to start this for a while now, inspired by @keewaydinfarms_organic. 

Today we woke up to over 6 inches of snow after a couple nice spring weeks. Farmhand 4 did the chicken chores with me, he’s the first one with his boots on when we say it’s chore time. 


One of our big goals for 2020 was a better family/farm balance, so one day a week we have ‘chore only day’. Meaning we only do the necessary chores (no extra work) and then spend the rest of the day doing fun family stuff. When we woke up today we decided to take advantage of the snow and have our family day today. At this time with the baby chicks, 4 different groups of pigs, the eggs birds, frozen water in the barn and cow both at the house and the hay Field the chores still take a good 4 or so hours. 

The cows love this weather and we’re glad non of them decided to calve today. 



We’ve had one hen lately laying super small eggs so we compared her egg to a regular egg 

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