Misfit Chicken-Large 3.5-4.9lbs Whole Roaster Pasture Raised

Misfit Chicken-Large 3.5-4.9lbs Whole Roaster Pasture Raised

3.5-4.9 Pounds

Buy Misfit and SAVE!

Whole pastured raised chicken, but it's a misfit. What does that mean? It's our exact same 100% organic fed pasture raised chicken as you have come to love, but has some sort of cosmetic blemish. It may be torn skin, a broken wing, slight color variation. These are perfect for making cuts, slow cooking, shedding. If you are looking for a chicken to be the center piece the misfit may not be for you, but otherwise this is a great more budget friendly option.

Our chickens are shipped to our farm as soon as they hatch. They spend the first weeks of their live in a brooder the mimics a mother hen until they are fully feathered and ready to go to pasture. They are then moved into our pasture pens that are moved daily to fresh grass. They get the benefits of being raised outside doing what chickens love to do! They are fed organic non-GMO feed.

We on farm process these birds to cause them the least amount of stress and deliver the freshest product to you.