Jumbo Turkey 21+ Pasture Raised

Jumbo Turkey 21+ Pasture Raised

21 + lb

Available Now!

Feeding a whole crowd?  We have some jumbo turkeys!  21 pounds plus, enough to feed the masses AND have leftovers 

We pasture raise our turkeys are almost 8000 feet in the Colorado mountains. Which means we start facing winter type weather by mid-October, so we finish the turkeys in August and September when the weather is prime for the birds. This allows them to grow and flourish on fresh grass and bug versus putting energy into adding additional feathers to stay warm and dry. 

The turkeys will be raised out on pasture moved daily to fresh grass. They get the benefits of being raised outside doing what turkeys love to do! They are fed organic non-GMO feed.

We on farm process these birds to cause them the least amount of stress to the bird. We will freeze the turkeys right after processing to give you the freshest turkey possible when you are ready to defrost and cook.