Our Farm bundle will give you a mix of our meats and eggs. The bundle will include:

10-12 lbs of Chicken

13-15 pounds of Pork

13-15 pounds of beef

1-2 packages of offal

1-2 cartons of eggs-chicken, duck or both

The bundles won't always be the same and will vary based on availability. Each bundle will include a mix of the following:

Whole chicken

Chicken cuts

Slow cook cuts-Roasts, shoulder, ribs

Steaks and chops

'Weeknight meats'-ground, cubed, diced, sausage links*

Cured pork-ham, ham steaks, smoked hocks or knuckles, bacon ends**

1-2 packages of offal-bones, trotters, chicken backs, heart, liver, kidney.

This bundle is designed to give you a mix of meat and possibly introduce you to cuts we offer that may be new to you. We believe an important part of regenerative farming is making use of the whole animal, which is why we are also including offal in the bundle. If you've not cooked with organ meat before it can be a bit intimidating, but it's also often some of the most nutrient dense part of the animal. We will include at least one of our favorite recipes for cooking the offal that's included in your bundle.

Our 40 pound bundles are packed in a single box and will take up about 1 shelf of freezer space

*Please note in your order if you have any allergies. The only product we have with a top 8 allergen is our Cheddar Jalapeño sausage which contains dairy.

**Also please note this bundle will not include bacon