1/2 Hog Bundle

1/2 Hog Bundle

60-64 pounds

Fill your freezer and SAVE

With our 'Dirt Pork' 1/2 Hog Bundle, you're not just buying meat – you're investing in quality, sustainability, and the joy of knowing truly where and how your meat was raised.  Taste the difference, and join us in celebrating the bounty of the farm.

‘Dirt Pork' 1/2 Hog Bundle – your ticket to premium quality, locally-sourced meat straight from our farm to your freezer. With the bundle getting a collection of cuts that give you an array of options for a variety of to easy prepare meals. Here's why our 1/2 Hog Bundle is the ultimate choice for conscientious consumers:

* Stock Your Freezer with a Variety of Cuts:

Dive into a delectable array of cuts carefully curated to satisfy every palate. From flavorful Ham Steaks to juicy Loin Chops, savory Shoulder Roasts to tender Country Style Ribs – each piece promises unmatched taste and quality. With a mix like this, every meal is a celebration of farm-fresh goodness.

* Save While Stocking your freezer:

Our 1/2 Hog Bundle not only fills your freezer with wholesome goodness but also offers exceptional value. By purchasing in bulk, you'll enjoy savings without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to last-minute grocery runs and hello to convenient and having a variety of options stocked in your freezer.   The bundle is 60-64 pounds and will take up about 2 shelves in a standard freezer.  It comes in 2 boxes that measures 23x16x6.

* Transparency:

With 'Dirt Pork', you'll always know exactly where your meat comes from. Our commitment to transparency means you can trust that your meat is coming from animals raised with care and compassion.  The Farmhands (our kids) are the primary care takers of of our pigs. By supporting our farm by purchasing pork, you're not just buying meat – you're investing in the next generation of sustainable agriculture and ethical farming practices.

* What's Included:

**2-4 Ham Steaks**: Perfect for sizzling breakfasts or hearty dinners.

**5-7 packs Loin Chops (2 chops per package)**: Juicy and tender, if you don’t usually like chops, give ours a try.  We have converted many that don’t like chops

**1 Loin Roast: Perfect for special meal or week long meals

**3 Shoulder Roasts**: Versatile and flavorful, ideal for slow-cooking or roasting.

**2Country Style Ribs**: A BBQ favorite, bursting with mouthwatering flavor.

**2 Half Rack Ribs or Spare Ribs**: Dive into tender, fall-off-the-bone goodness.

**5-10lbs Ground Pork or Sausage**: Versatile and flavorful, the perfect base for countless recipes.

**3-6 packs Link Sausage or Brats**: Elevate your meals with gourmet sausages bursting with flavor.

 **8-10 lbs Bacon**: Delicious, smokey and savory

*** Bonus Goodies:

Depending on availability, your bundle might also include extras like jowl bacon, cottage bacon, ham hocks, fresh belly, or other specialty sausages. These surprise additions add an extra layer of excitement to your bundle.